GreenMT, the National Authorised Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme first week of December organised an event in Mellie─ža in order to collect used clothes, shoes and bags. All items collected shall be exported to be segregated and reused and will be sold to third world countries.

GreenMT Eco-Councillors distributed grey bags to all who attended the recycling event. The residents of Mellieha were very cooperative.

This Recycling event in Mellie─ža is to be repeated every three months.


GreenMT also takes this opportunity to remind residents that the grey bag collection is done every Tuesday whereas the glass bottles and glass container collection is done every first Friday of the month. Milk and Juice cartons can now be recycled.

Moreover in 2016 GreenMT Eco-Councillors will continue to carry out door to door visits and those households found to be actively recycling their waste will be given very attractive spot prizes consisting of redeemable cash vouchers.

GreenMT has over 1,300 producer members and caters for services of recyclable waste collection from a substantial number of Local Councils in Malta and Gozo. For Further information GreenMT can be contacted on 21496965/66 during office hours or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Click here for Ghasri used clothes collection event photos

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